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A novel device has been developed to remove dust, soot and similar particle-based material from gas flows.

· No filters 

· No cyclones 

· No moving parts 

· Low pressure drop 

· Very simple construction 

· 'Through-flow' 

· Effective for particles, including spores, down to below 5µm 

· All collected material retained in a separate container for easy disposal

Vortax sketch
The system utilises a patented, dual vortex, principle, to remove particles from the gas stream and deposit the collected material in a separate container. The apparatus has three ports: inlet, exhaust and a connection to a sealed particle collection chamber. It may also be mounted in any orientation. 

There are no moving parts, all motion being effected by the gas stream. Particles, including spores and pollen, in sizes down to below 5µm can be collected at overall efficiency rates in excess of 95%. No cyclones, filters or other related materials are used. Increasing gas velocity increases collection efficiency whilst maintaining a very low pressure drop across the unit (typically 1¼" w.g.). Higher collection efficiencies can be achieved at the expense of slightly increased back-pressure. 

It is compact, simple to construct and requires no additional external equipment to operate. The unit is ideally suited for use in vacuum systems, as a pre-filter to extend the life of downstream filters or in exhaust systems to remove pollution particulates. 

A higher performance version called the 'Vortac' has also been developed.

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