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Further development of the Vortax system has resulted in the Vortac which has a higher collection efficiency than the Vortax. This apparatus has been very successfully used in the separation and purification of spores of 'Green Muscle' in a machine known as a 'Mycoharvester Mk. III'. This was developed in close collaboration with researchers at IPARC and CABI Bioscience and follows on from the very successful 'Mycoharvester Mk. I' (below) which is based around the Dyson Dual Cyclone (tm) system used in Dyson vacuum cleaners.

The requirements for good spore production are stringent and dictate that as far as possible all spores are individual i.e. not joined to one another (as they are when cultured), and contain no unwanted substrate etc. from the growing process. The Vortac units are able to meet these requirements with ease, either singly or in multiple units.


Mycoharvester Mk.I

Mycoharvester Mk. I.

Particle size distribution This image shows the particle size distribution for 'Green Muscle' product processed through the Mycoharvester Mk. III (courtesy of CABI Bioscience).

Recent experimental work has shown that the system is also capable of classifying particulate by adjusting various operating controls which can be included as required.

These results show the effect of a single pass through the equipment. Repeated passes enhance the separation achieved.


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