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ACIS has many years experience in designing and developing scientific and technical equipment, both for government and privately funded research establishments, in order to meet specific needs. This originally covered topics such as pesticide application equipment and droplet production systems; latterly as independent specialists in particle extraction and scientific equipment development.

Several international patents have been applied for, which are being actively used in equipment. For example, we have developed a particle extraction device known as the 'Vortax' and more recently a higher performance version known as the 'Vortac'. The 'Vortac' is undergoing further development and evaluation for use in a variety of particle classification and spore extraction/purification systems.

Commercially we also produce the 'Mycoharvester' equipment which is widely used in research communities interested in biological control of pests.

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Research and Development continues to be a major portion of our existing commitments and an area in which we are happy to share our expertise by helping others to solve their production or equipment problems.

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