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  • To develop novel systems for particle extraction and classification appropriate for use in reducing reliance on chemical components in pest control situations.


ACIS has many years experience in researching and developing scientific equipment both in the UK and Developing countries. We perform commissioned Research and Development resulting in patented solutions where appropriate. ACIS staff are also available to advise and assist development agencies on strategies for training technical and research staff in research establishments.

  • R&D: Recent work on particle extraction systems has resulted in a variety of units which are being used experimentally and commercially in applications ranging from spore extraction to particulate classification ('Vortac' and 'Mycoharvester'). We develop equipment, both for government and privately funded research establishments and have patents that are licensed and being actively used in equipment.

How to contact ACIS:

For further information, you can complete an enquiry form, send us an e-mail message (ACIS), telephone or fax; (44) (0)1822 810321 or by writing to us at:

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